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 Woman riding a horse and the man helping her down.

Fine Art Paintings

1Your imagination is your key to creating the very kind of "Fine Art" you have been searching for.

From any source, video, snapshots, negatives or my photography skills, you are just a phone call away from your "Dream Masterpiece" hanging in your home or office.

Wildlife Photography


There is a whole new world, in the wilderness, that no one ever gets to see.   A world so magical, that in some of my artworks and photography, it is almost too amazing to believe it is very real.   

This photo is a shot I did of a Hummingbird, as the morning sun was just rising and lit up her wing, as she was flying.   

 Flame Art by Debbie Light Nash, Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts

Amazing Fine Art Photography 


The beauty of art is all around us.   I find it in some of the most unexpected places and events.   It can be anything from Flash floods, Live Tornados, Lightening Strikes, you name it and I have probably captured it on film, in it's beautiful form, never expected to become fine art.

Imagination is the key to everything.

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