My Services

 Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts and Fashion Comapnies

My services include:

  • Fine Art photography of almost every kind.   I prefer "Natural Life" settings, as it is more familiar with clients and the clients surroundings.  Places that have memories or sentiment.  The art I do is to reflect the essense of who you are or the subject you want to display.
  • Film works, including creating "Heirloom Fine Art Paintings" from home movies, negatives or preprinted paper snapshots.  Old photos, from days long past, are also great to use for fine art in family tree heirloom paintings.
  • Children's photography, children at their best.   Just being "Kids".   So many expressions are seen, when a child is in a relaxed and fun environment.   Their smiles, body language, laughter, running and playing, these are some examples of what I look for, in my photography shots.  Two perfect examples are shown below.
  • "Capturing the natural expressions of a child, those moments are what I call, "Masterpieces" and that is where I created my slogan, "From one moment, comes a "Masterpiece of Life.""
  • Pre Bridal, Romantic themed, Boudoir, again, any photography I do, is what you imagine and wish to see as a finished fine art painting and print to hang in your home or office.  Even to make a memorable gift for someone special.

Fine Art from any source.

This is a sample /  demonstration painting from a film frame.

Fine Art from a basic snapshot

This was a snapshot, taken by this little girl's aunt, while celebrating Easter, several years earlier.

Create your own story

Collage's are a real favorite, especially of your children.   So many expressions that can become an "Heirloom Painting" in your home.

 Abstract Flame ArtFine Art from the Imagination

This is an abstract painting, created to portray a mystical appearance of White birds flying through the flame.

The imagination is a vast new world to create fine art.   Now, is your time to begin to imagine your "Dream Masterpiece" and make it a reality.


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