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(Note:   These videos were not filmed in a "Professional" format, as you will see here, but were filmed "Live" and on foot, while these events were taking place.  

In some of these events, I am very lucky to be alive.  Thank you.)

"Fireworks and Lightening"

July 4th, 2016

Filming lightening again, while being rained on during a Fireworks show.  Made from some very unique video and still shots, with special effects, naturally.   When the fireworks stopped, the bottom fell out of the sky and soaked me to the bone, but it was worth it!

Fireworks "Special Effects" 2016

Catching Baby Eagle

Baby Eagle left the nest on June 3, 2016 and in doing so, broke his/her left wing.

I have since caught and sent Baby to the Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary and donations would be greatly appreciated, for Baby's care and release, once the wing is healed and he/she can fly.

Their web address to make "Easy" donations is:


Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary, Logo

This is Baby's last video I filmed, as we caught Baby and was loading him/her into the carrier to go to the Wildlife Rehab and Sanctuary.

So sad, but at the same time, so very exciting, as Baby is going to survive and have a full life, when released.

For me, as a Wildlife photographer and artist, this is the most exciting event, I have ever had and the greatest gift.

Thank you,

Debbie Light Nash

Brand New Baby Bald Eagle

Confirmation and 1st sighting, from the ground.

Preventing Forest Fires

with "Controlled Burns" is a must in the wilderness.

What I love about this, the surprises that suddenly appear, that turn out to be beautiful.

This is a "Full Version" of this "Controlled Burn" here in the wilderness, to prevent forest fires from getting started and out of control.   A lot of work goes into this, before hand, to prepare fire breaks to keep the fire from jumping to unprepared areas.   When you watch this, the point of this video is not how big the fire is, but how very fast it spreads.

Not to forget, the utter beauty that fire light brings, in places you never see on a "normal" day.

Tennessee Flash Flood, May 2010

This is the Flash Flood that hit Tennessee, putting Nashville under 20+ ft. of water, when the flooding finally stopped.

Published on May 23, 2015

This is the flash flood that put Nashville, TN under 20+ feet of water in 2010. Just under 14 inches of rain, in less than 36 hours.

This film was shot just NE of Nashville. All the water you see in this film, was gone the very next morning after hitting us and flooded Nashville, where it all stopped and stayed.

Parts of Nashville did not reopen until the Spring of 2012. Opryland Hotel and Opryland Mall were under water, in this flood.

Over 20 lives were lost in this storm.

"Super Tuesday Tornadoes" Febuary, 2008

To really hear the 3 differences in the tornado's and pipeline fire, get a set of "Over the Ear" headphones, push and hold them to your ears, to completely block and isolate all sounds in the room.   You will not only hear the intensity of both tornadoes, hail and roar of the Natural Gas Pipeline fire, shooting flames 500 feet in the air, but you will also feel the intensity of this night.  

Even now, all these years later, I watch and listen to this and it still scares the life out of me.   I had no warning and no clue what was happening.  Only a brief phone call from a friend, telling me to get my shoes on, now and be ready to run.  

Phones died, before I was told, "F3 Tornado on the ground, now!  Headed right for you!"  I saw the explosion, grabbed my camera and you see exactly what I saw and felt, as it was happening.  An hour and a half later, my son finally got a phone signal, to check on me, when he informed me of what just happened, that I caught "Live" on film.  My son was running from the F3, in his truck, when it was right behind him, as he was driving to get away.

This F3 was on the ground for 51 miles.  The largest tornado to hit Tennessee in 75 years.   

I am the only one, with "Live" film footage of this deadly storm, where both the F3 and Westmoreland, TN, tornadoes hit.

31 lives were lost in the State of Tennessee, 22 of the 31 lost, were lost in this very section of this storm.

SUPER TUESDAY TORNADO, Feb. 5, 2008 - "Live" Westmoreland - Hartsville, TN

  • 2 years ago
This was filmed in direct line of sight from the natural gas pipeline pumping station, immediately after it exploded from the F3.

Lightenting Show 4/ 3/ 2014 - Edited to remove music

Published on May 13, 2015

This one is very interesting. This film gives the sounds of explosions, as well as the power of the lightening strikes.

Wait for the end of the video, as I have added the still shots out of this film clip. It's pretty amazing.  I was shooting with a very old camera, so it kept losing focus on the first several still shots, because it was so dark outside.  One of the bolts, literally went across my husband's chest, just as I looked to my left and saw it. You will hear me telling him, "It just went across your chest."   The last Fireball bolt, it was massive.  Don't have it in view, but you hear the power explode, as it had balls of lightening rolling down the bolt, by the hundreds.  

Lightening strike caught on film - 20 ft. from the bolt

LIGHTENING STRIKE CAUGHT ON FILM - 20 feet from the bolt

  • 2 years ago

Yes, you read it right. You are about to see a lightening strike that I caught on film from my porch, only 20 feet away.

Lightening strike on my porch and I lived to show it!

Lightening strike on my porch and I lived to show it!

  • 1 year ago

Lightening strike on my porch, at my bare feet and then only 20 ft. away, the full view of fingered lightening to the ground. I have still shots from this video on my Gallery page. 

Brand new Fawn 5/8/2011

KY brand new fawn 5 8 2011

  • 2 months ago

Just a video of what we are looking forward too, as soon as the snow melts. Brand new fawns are born in our yard, every year. Such little cuties. 

Bald Eagle catching fish - 3/7/2015

Bald Eagle catching fish, 3/ 7/ 2015

  • 2 months ago

I shot these images, in sequence, from my living room window. My Eagles have moved in with me, at the house. Amazing birds.

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