POEFASHION® Fine Art Fabrics by the Yard at Spoonflower.com

POEFashion® Fine Art Fabrics by the Yard

Since all the Corona issues have come about and Face Masks are now required, manufacturing companies are currently over run with orders and production is becoming bottle necked.  To help relieve this issue, we are making fabrics by the yard available to purchase for those who can sew from home to make your own face cover designs with POEFashion® and Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® art fabrics.  Please Click Here see our store at Spoonflower located in North Carolina to order fabrics by the yard.

Fine Art ... is not just for walls

At Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion® - POEFashion®

You are the work of art.

Fine arts artist and fashion designer, Debora Nash, creates fine arts not just for a home or office but fine arts that you can wear, making you the work of art.

From Home Decor, Fine Art Fashion Designs, Hand created Jewelry, you become the work of art.


Our POEFashion® Bridal  is where you will find our Bridal Gowns and Accessories that are made to size.  Inventory is still being added and updated.




Our POEFashion® Leather  for Custom Made leather Hats, Jackets, Boots and Accessories made to order.  Leather items already available are listed here in our products inventory ready to ship.  Inventory is being updated to our sites daily.

POEFinearts - Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®


Our POEFINEARTS Home Decor  is where you will find our Home Decor line in Fabrics by the Yard, Bedding Ensembles, Color Panels, and more Home Decor ideas and displays.  

For the Color Panel Canvas Prints, Framed or Gallery Wrap, we have a manufacturer who produces those for us and they ship from within the U.S.  You may click here to order  as the shipping information is preventing us from hosting the items here on our website.  We are working on trying to get this changed.  Thank you for understanding, as this is something that is a difficult task to do and keep the shipping costs down for you.  Thank you.

POEFashion® Jewelry

Our POEFashion® Jewelry  is loaded with Natural American Turquoise that is hand cut, shaped, polished and made into one of a kind jewelry right here in our studio.  Some of the finest quality, natural turquoise stones and others direct from mines around the world.  

POEFASHION® DESIGNS for Yoga Fashion, Mom and Daughter Mini Me Fashion Outfit sets and accessories.  Kids and Youth sizes also available.


Our POEFASHION® DESIGNS  store for Yoga Fashions and Everyday wear.  Mom and Daughter "Mini Me" Fashion Outfit sets and accessories.  Childrens sizes from 3 months to 12 years are available with matching outfit sets like Mom's.