Hidden Treasures in Turquoise Stones

Debora Nash

Posted on July 05 2019

Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion®, American Turquoise, Blog

SO... I'm working on Turquoise again and I pick up this Fox Turquoise Stone and I just CANNOT bring myself to try to finish out the faces of this one, as I would lose what I am seeing here, naturally in this stone that was mined LONG ago... I almost cried when I looked up the Mexican Holiday when I saw this one... Do you see it?

What is even more shocking to me, the shape of the stone is just like a little bootie... Naturally. 

I am at a loss for words with this one right now. The coincidence is just too real.

Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion® Fox Mine Turquoise - Dia de los Muertos

For those that can't see the skull in the top photo, look at the skulls in the photo to the upper right and focus on the big painted skull behind the lady.

Once you see that one and then glance back over to the turquoise, you will see almost an exact replica of the big painted skull behind the woman in the photo now showing in the turquoise.

What really tripped me out with this piece is the baby in the bottom photo of the other side of this turquoise stone.

The baby is wrapped exactly like we do today with newborn photo shoots.

The shape of the stone is just like a crochet'd baby bootee.

This is all completely natural.

I found a fine sediment crack that runs across the stone where you see the line above the eye in the upper photo of the skull.

I have preserved the stone to be a display stone that can be now handled and both sides observed by turning the stone to either side.

This entire stone is completely natural, very high-grade Fox Turquoise that was mined 70 years ago. How it held together with that sediment crack from where it was formed is a real miracle.

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