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Debora Nash

Posted on May 20 2019

Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion® Natural Turquoise Stones Blog

Anyone who has ever loved jewelry or looking at rocks will tell you that Mother Nature makes some of the most glorious stones to make jewelry from.

Natural Turquoise is one of those glorious wonders.  

Royston Turquoise Cabochon by Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion®


Turquoise is a natural by-product of natural Copper that is formed in the earth.

A blend of some of the earth's natural elements that flow with water for millions of years.  Turquoise was once considered the "waste" product of Copper Mines but as time went by the demand for real and natural turquoise soon became far more valuable than the copper itself.

In the process of turquoise being formed from the runoff of water over natural copper and other elements in the earth, the colors that come from this process are far and above a true work of art.

Mother Nature's Art is the main focus here at Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® and Portraits of Elegance Fashion®.

Creating incredible home decor and fine fashion that comes from or is inspired by Mother Nature.  Fine Arts that are handpainted or hand created into fine fabrics by the yard, Fashion Accessories, and Fine Art Prints.

Being a fine arts artist for 15 years now, adding to that the 40 years as a natural wildlife nature photographer, I found it to be very limiting to only have photos of the greatest beauty of all, Natural Earth colors.

Everyone loves the sparkle of Diamonds, the beauty of Opal firing off colors from all angles, the raging color of fire from Fire Opals, Black Opals, Gemstones of every species, but to be able to wear these items in the form of fabrics was almost impossible to do while keeping the natural colors that we love so much in the stones.

Here at Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts and Portraits of Elegance Fashion, I wanted to change things to make it possible to wear the colors of mother nature in all ways and not just as solid stone.

The stones that I located, shape by hand and finish out into a fine piece of jewelry are all done with one thing in mind, showcasing the art of Mother Nature.

Natural Royston and Kingman Turquoise at Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts - Fashion.  Some of Mother Nature's finest art.


As an artist, I see these stones and I see far more than just a gorgeous stone to make jewelry from.  I see a world of history in these beautiful stones and each stone tells it's own story.  

Each line, each color change, each mark or indention, even the cracks, all of this tells the story of a time long ago that is only now seeing the light of day for the very first time.

Natural Turquoise stones are not perfect and have many distinct personalities with each and every single piece.  No two stones are identical, even when they are cut from the same mother stone, each stone that is cut will have distinct and individual differences.

At Portraits of Elegance, I do my very best to bring to life those personalities of stones and will be making fine jewelry suits and pieces that showcase the art of mother nature. 

These stones in the photos are just a mere few that I will be working with and from each stone will come a one of a kind work of art that you will be very proud to own and wear, making you... the work of art.

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