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So, as I was going out this morning at 6:30 to the office and getting things going for the day...

I hear Baby Eagle raising mortal cane as usual, but since I spotted him/her on the road walking yesterday, I just wanted to be certain that baby is still airborne.

I walked over to the back of the yard to peek around the tree to see if I could see Baby, but I could only spot one of the parent Eagles sitting there and he/she was looking right at me and chirping at me that I was being watched closely. I didn't see baby from that view, so I went back and got my keys to drive to the other side of the water to get a view, making sure Baby wasn't on the ground like the baby Eagle in 2016, when I had to call Donna Floden out to catch 2016's baby for a broken wing and get him to rehab.

No, this morning is one that Baby was up in the tree yelling for breakfast very loud and demanding and then the other parent flew in while I was being warned by the other parent that was already there, that I was close enough. Baby saw the other parent flying in because I was there and Baby went to squalling just like all birds do when Mom or Dad flies in with food. Mom and Dad Eagle were just ignoring the baby's loud hollers and focused on my being out there with them.

The baby then realized that Mom and Dad are going to ignore him/her, so he/she got mad and spread his/her wings and to beat everything, FLEW OFF WITH A 2 1/2 POUND FISH IN IT'S TALONS!!

That baby had a big fish in its grip in that tree and still raising cane to be fed. LMAO!!

So, with that, Baby in the photo was doing as I had previously thought, acting like he/she owns the place and strutting his/her stuff in the photos. LOL!!

Now I'm off to try to get something accomplished today, heaven help me... my backlog of work is always a huge backlog with no off switch...

Just for a size idea of just how big these baby Eagles are at only 3 months old in June 2016. I brought back the photo of Donna holding Baby of 2016 when she took him to rehab. The baby of 2016 was healed up and released to the wild with a girlfriend that November of 2016.

Mom and Dad Eagle are double the size of these baby Eagles, so I give Mom and Dad all the respect and room they need and they let me know where the lines are drawn for me to get near to take photos. I sure don't want to ever tangle with them. They would definitely win in that situation.

Incredible birds... and even bigger personalities. The 3rd photo was baby 2016 being released from rehab. It was a very big day at Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary. They did an amazing job with baby Eagle of 2016.

Baby Bald Eagle of 2019 at Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® and Portraits of Elegance Fashion®
Baby Bald Eagle of 2019
June 13
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion® American Bald Eagle Eaglet of 2019
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion® American Bald Eagle Eaglet of 2019
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® - Fashion® American Bald Eagle Eaglet 2016 going to rehab
Baby Bald Eagle of 2016 that had to go to rehab for the broken wing.
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® -  Fashion® American Bald Eagle Eaglet 2016
Baby Bald Eagle being released from rehab November 2016 from Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary.
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® American Bald Eagle
Dad Eagle

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