Alternative Leather Snakeskin Folding Flow Drawstring Style Purse - POEFASHION® Leather

Alternative Leather Snakeskin Folding Drawstring Purse - POEFashion®

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This Alternative Leather Snakeskin Folding Flow Drawstring Style Purse is a POEFashion® Leather favorite.

The sleek design gives you the added security when the purse is closed that nothing will fall out or go missing when this adorable style is closed.

Open, this purse offers so much room to access the contents inside and is designed in such a fashionable design and choice of colors that it just radiates style and class.

Quality made and colors are just a luscious blend to add to any fashion style in a very complimentary way.

Made with Faux Leathers that have the look and feel of the real thing.  You cannot go wrong with one of these great handbags.

  • Faux Leather
  • Drawstring Top Closure
  • 8(L) X 9(H) X 6.5(W)

What a great deal to complete your fashion style with class and quality.

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