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Your pendant is complete.  The color is blue as in the first photo.  My iPad wants to keep changing the color to green with the blue gloves in the background.

I am also sending you this choker wire to complete the pendant if you want to wear it as a choker style. 

The third photo is with the smaller connector but it won't fit with the choker wire I am sending and will have to be used with either a string necklace or a cord necklace for it to move freely with the smaller connector.

I have the stone encased with a clear protective outer casing all the way around it so if it should drop or get bumped, it will not break as it would without the protective layer on the stone.

Should the protective layer ever develop what appears to be an "air bubble" inside of it, just let me know and send the stone back to me so I can remove the outer layer and put a new one on it. 

The protective layer is not a permanent kind of layer but is just encasing the stone to make it strong and durable basically the very same as putting a cover on a cell phone.

I hope you enjoy it.  I showed it to Joe just now, as he was leaving out for work and he really loved the way it looks on this choker wire.  He had never seen it before and was very impressed with it.  If it passes Joe's opinion, then it is awesome.  LOL!!  He, like Mikey, never likes anything.  LOL!!

Thanks again and I can't wait to see a picture of you with it on.