Golden Glow Royston Painted Square Scarf - True Royston Turquoise Color

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Choose from poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, or matte crepe depending on your desired use for these square-cut scarves.

Baby Rolled Machine Finished Hem

Like all of our products, each scarf is printed, hand-cut and sewn by skilled tradespeople using top of the line finishing machines.

Our dyes are water-based and print a huge spectrum of lively wash-fast colors.

Square Scarf sizes range from:

16" x 16"
26" x 26"
36" x 36"
50" x50"

Wear these works of art, hang them on a wall, in a frame or give them as gifts. The choices are endless.

These fine art scarves are hand-painted and designed exclusively by fine arts artist, Debora Nash for Portraits of Elegance Fashion ® and 
Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts ®.

Vibrant fabric prints that will never fade from washing.
Hand-wash in cold water with phosphate-free detergent.
Hang or lay flat to dry.

See the matching and coordinating fashion items to these fine art scarves, totes, wraps, clothing lines, and bags.

Each item is Custom Made to Order and will take time to produce. Please allow for production times and shipping. This time frame is direct from the manufacturer. Thank you.

Noted Update: 

All of my products here for Portraits of Elegance are made to order at the time the order is placed. 

Some items can be made and shipped faster than others but ALL items are handmade at the time of ordering and are manufactured by hand by professional manufacturing companies that I work with. The manufacturer companies I design for are located in both the United States and Canada.

For large or wholesale orders, items may take a little longer to create as everything is made and sewn by hand, as well as the fabrics are created at the time of placing an order.

I cannot guarantee a set time frame for the order to be delivered to you in "x" number of days, but I can absolutely assure that you will receive your order as you ordered it.

I am in direct contact with the manufacturers daily and should you need an order by a particular date, please let me know in advance so that I can make special arrangements with the manufacturer. If I don't have a predetermined date, I cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for your order.

I do guarantee that you will get your order and I do stand behind the products I offer here. 

Thank you in advance for considering and purchasing from Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® and Fashion®.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

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