POEFASHION® Nirvana - Yoga Mat

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Our premium POEFashion® Yoga mats are 24" wide x 72" tall x 0.25" thick and made from natural rubber with a blended microfiber top surface.   The top of the mat has the artwork permanently imprinted on it, and the back is solid black with textured dimples for better floor grip.

Each POEFashion® Yoga mat is a hand-painted artwork from the fine arts artist of Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts®, Portraits of Elegance Fashion® and POEFashion® who create each artwork from an idea, natural earth colors and turns it into a work of art that can be used in other ways than just wall art.

These fine arts are then transformed into the fashions you are seeing here at POEFashion® - Portraits of Elegance Fashion® and also made into fine home decor in either wall prints or home decor linens for every room of a home or office.

These artworks are not offered on Amazon or any other selling platform other than the sites that are owned and operated by Portraits of Elegance.

If you have a particular color or design that you are looking for but cannot find, please Contact Us and show us what you are looking for and the artist will then create something in the line of your request.

Thank you in advance for considering POEFashion®, Portraits of Elegance Fashion® and Portraits of Elegance Fine Arts® in bringing more natural beauty and color to your world through our fine arts and fashions.

Designs are created in the U.S. and some products are manufactured and shipped from Canada while the rest of our products are Made and shipped from within the U.S.A.